Thank you to Clark Kirkwood, owner of Clark’s Music Center in Jacksonville, Florida for helping me re-skin and tune the DWs yesterday ….

Clark is a long time friend from junior high school and fellow drummer. He has a knack for getting kits sounding wonderful with his tuning and maintenance skills and recommending the best products for the job. For this project I used the EVANS EC2S Frosted Drumheads from his store.

Evans EC2S Frosted series contains two plies of 7mil film for optimized attack, tone, length of sustain, and ease of tuning for each size head. This drumhead features Sound Shaping Technology (SST) for a well-balanced sound, incorporated with Evans Level 360 Technology for ease of tuning, extended pitch range and optimum quality of sound.

Giving them a nice breakin, readjusting the mics, udating software  and getting them settled back in today. Will see how they sound once recorded.


Clark's Music Center Jacksonville Florida
More to follow..... Keep On Drumming!!!


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