Going to give the Kelly SHUâ„¢ Composite Series Drum Microphone Shock-mounts I purchased a while back a run to eliminate the mic stands out in front of the bass drum and clean up the look of the kit.

The actual installation of the Kelly Shu’s went fairly smooth. I like to have the microphone closer to the batter head to get some of the attack of the beater hitting the head. The mount let me adjust the microphones perfectly.

Installation on both bass drums took about two hours with heads and hoop removal, removing and replacing screws for the rubberized mounting system and installing the mic and reinstalling the heads.

All went well until time to connect the Mogami XLR cables…

The wonderful MXL A-55 Kicker drum mics have the input connection very close to the mounting adapter and will not let the mic sit properly on the Kelly Shu.


Just a small hiccup but

What to Do? What To Do?


I think I may have an idea! đŸ˜‰


More to follow..... Keep On Drumming!!!


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